here are several motivations for the starting of mundomaterial, most of them purely personal. Mainly I want to keep updated on the industry news, get involved with the new tools for comunication, expose my ideas to the world and wait for its reply. Just to introduce myself, I would say that I’m an strategy consultant, that i have developed most of my professional activity in the UK, I’m a polymer specialist and I’m pretty curious.

What kind of subjects should you expect from the blog? My expertise lies in plastics, almost any kind. The other big area that does it for me is environment, so some of my favourite subjects are right between those two: Bioplastics, recycling, solutions to reduce oil dependance… We all have our preferences when reading and writing, but I’m hoping the blog will allow/force me to research new areas, outside my expertise. Some of those areas are nanomaterials, ceramics, composites and all those that i haven’t thougt about and that you should propose!

Most posts are going to be short opinion articles. I would love to do some longer articles looking at a particular subject, like legislation impact, new trends, etc. I would love to have collaborations, either via comments to my posts or by suggestions on new post’s subjects. Last, but not least, this blog is both in Spanish and English, in order to reach as much people as possible. Have fun and do let me know what you think.