Earlier in Septembre the Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI) part of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) announced the 8 finalists for the Innovation awards that will be voted attendees of “Polyurethanes 2008 Technical Conference”, to be held in San Antonio. There are three different categories for the awards

You may remember my post from the 21st July, Renewable TPEs, where I discussed Merquinsa‘s new product, Pearlthane® ECO, for which is being nominated. It consists of a range of thermoplasic polyurethanes, TPUs, with a renewable content ranging from 30 to 90%.

BASF is also nominated for introducing renewable content. In particular for its range of natural poliols, BALANCE, used in the production of polyurethane foam. The third nominee is Ashland Performance Materials, for a new adhesive with alipahitc polyurethane chemistry.

Best of luck to Merquinsa, both with the product and the award.

Sources: Merquinsa, Center for the Polyurethane Industry news release